Kuc Majak

Kuc Majak and Achay Dau, co-founders of Vocational College of South Sudan


South Sudanese Flag
Aweil is the capitol city of Northern Bhar El Ghazal State in the Republic of South Sudan. South Sudan achieved its independence from Sudan through a national referendum on July 9, 2011. The people of Aweil speak three languages: Jieng (Dinka) Lou (Jurchol) and Arabic

The Honorable Paul Malong Awan is governor of North Bhar El Ghazal State which is composed of the following counties and their capitols: Aweil South- Malek Alel; Aweil North- Gokmachar; Aweil East- Wanjok; Aweil West- Nymlel; and Aweil Central- Aweil.

South Sudan Map

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